2014 Could be the year that Twoheartsmeet


2014 could be the year that Twoheartsmeet


By Sandra Quinn (Avondhu Press)


Love, like a needle in the haystack, can often be very hard to find and sometimes all people need is a gentle guiding hand. This is what prompted Eithne Buckley and her partner Daniel McIntyre to set up their Munster based introduction and dating service, called Twoheartsmeet.

Three years ago, the couple launched into this new venture and they are now proud to say that they have three engaged couples on their books.

Daniel works full time with Cork Taxi Co-Op and would provide a lot of the business know how in the background, while Eithne works on the business full time and is ‘front of house’ as such. Eithne was inspired with the idea for Twoheartsmeet when a few of her friends were finding it difficult to meet a partner and they told her that it was very hard to meet likeminded people.

“So I decided to put my counselling and life coaching skills to good use and along with Daniel went about putting a business plan together. The first eight months was spent building up a database.

“Once I had enough people profiled, I started the matching process. Every month it’s getting easier to match people because the database is consistently growing, giving me a wider choice of possible matches for my clients. Our members range in ages from 25–75, so we deal with a wide age bracket and across all backgrounds and professions,” Eithne said, explaining the science behind what herself and her partner Daniel does.

Eithne said that it is very interesting work, but that it does help if people come to them with an open mind.

Giving some of the statistical information about their client base, Eithne said that 44% of their clients are aged between 45 and 65, 38% are mainly, but not exclusively singletons aged between their mid twenties and late forties and 18% fall within the actively retired group.

Eithne explained to The Avondhu that her week is divided up between meeting and profiling potential clients, checking on the progress of existing clients, keeping on top of administration duties and comparing different profiles to see if there are any potential introductions or matches.

“I match people from similar backgrounds, levels of education, values, interests, and other things, so there is a lot more involved than you might think,” Eithne explained.

“I’ve always enjoyed anything to do with self-help and psychology, so this job is my passion. I always say that if I won the lotto, I’d still get up every day and run Twoheartsmeet.

“I get a great buzz when I ring up someone and he or she tells me that they are delighted with the introduction I made for them. There’s a real feel good factor to it. I also feel very humbled to be able to facilitate people to meet, whose paths would never otherwise cross,” Eithne said, encapsulating her love for the business that herself and Daniel have built up from the ground.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner next week, Eithne is urging single people who are sick of seeing couples besotted with each other at every turn, to take a stand and do something to change their single status.

She explained that most people have tried going to the pubs and clubs, but they just can’t seem to make a connection with that someone special.

“Perhaps they have tried a stint at internet dating, but to no avail, maybe they have joined various clubs, but haven’t met anyone remotely close to what they are looking for, so perhaps it’s time they considered using an introduction agency to meet their someone special,” Eithne said.

“People these days are finding it very difficult to meet someone, compared to twenty or thirty years ago.

“Back then, lots of people met in dance halls or discos, but nowadays it’s a different scenario.

“You might not be the pub type, so you wonder where you can possibly go to meet someone around your own age. This is where an introduction agency comes into its own,” Eithne told The Avondhu.

Eithne does every single interview herself, so she knows exactly what people are looking for in a partner.  For those who are preparing to date, Eithne had a little bit of advice, as we are around the corner from the most romantic time of year.

She said that people should think about what they are looking for in a partner, but to be realistic and to shy away from the tall, dark, handsome man who is going to whisk you off your feet on a white horse.

“If you have too many boxes to tick, you are reducing your chances of finding someone,” she explained.

Getting back into the world of dating can be daunting, but it is important to look your best and Eithne advises people to get into a regime of looking their best, whether it’s getting fitter, eating better or spending more time on grooming and people often find that when they look better, they feel better and are more confident.


Contact Info: Eithne Buckley 085 7742444 or visit www.twoheartsdating.com to find out more information or to set up an appointment.


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