A Valentine’s Story!

This time of the year always reminds me of when Harry and Suzie joined my dating agency Twoheartsmeet. In 2017 Harry joined a few days before Valentine’s Day and Suzie two weeks later. What’s unusual about them is they don’t tick any of each other’s boxes except for one, their love of horses. At 46 Harry is 8 years younger than Suzie; he’s single without children whereas she’s divorced with two grown sons. At 5’9” Suzie is two inches taller than him. They also come from different backgrounds, Harry being raised on a farm where they owned horses, Suzie brought up in the middle of the city and discovered her love of horses when she met her ex-husband who owned a few. Harry’s background is in accountancy and finance whereas Suzie is a hairdresser who teaches yoga in her spare time. It’s a case of opposites attract in every sense, including the fact that Harry is a bit on the serious side and somewhat reserved whereas Suzie has a fantastic sense of fun and is very bubbly and sociable. It just goes to show that all you need is as little as one mutual interest to make a relationship work. That and honesty and loyalty of course, but that goes without saying! To contact Twoheartsmeet go to Twoheartsdating.com or call 085 7742444. (Names have been changes to protect their identity)

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