Different ways to find love!

If you are single or unattached and looking for your special someone, then you are probably familiar with all the various ways to find that elusive partner. From internet dating sites and dating agencies, to pubs, clubs, meeting through friends and social occasions.

I came across this Twoheartsmeet blog below this recently from a piece that was published on a number of local papers a few years ago. There’s some good advice in there regarding how to meet someone if you’re single or unattached.


Everyone agrees that it’s getting more and more difficult to find a partner these days. Back in the day when there were dance halls in every town in Ireland, finding someone to date was quite easy. A guy walked up to a girl and asked her to dance. If she said no he just continued on his way and asked another girl. Eventually someone would say yes to him and eventually one of these girls would turn into his girlfriend and then his wife. Easy peasy!


Looking for love

Nowadays though, it isn’t that simple. If you haven’t met someone in college or in the work place and find you’re heading into your 30’s or 40’s it can be a little disheartening out socialising looking for a potential partner and unable to find one. Or if you have been married but now find yourself single again through becoming widowed or divorced, you probably find that things have completely changed in the dating scene than first time around. As each weekend passes by and you find that you are still on your own, what can you do?


Internet dating

Well, a lot of people put a profile on an internet dating site and some do get lucky. If you are willing to invest a few hours a week to methodically work your way through on line profiles you could find a gem in there and lots of people do. However, others feel uncomfortable putting up their photo for everyone to see or they have been unlucky in finding people whose online profile resemble their offline one. In other words, someone has grossly exaggerated their online profile and the person you meet is nothing like the way they portray themselves on line. However, it’s still worth considering as a possibility as there are a lot of genuine people online also.


Clubs for singletons

Another option of meeting a potential partner is by joining social clubs such as sports related clubs, or hillwalking or drama groups. If you want to develop confidence speaking in public, how about joining Toastmasters? Not only will your confidence grow but you could also find love! Or how about signing up for a night course such as language or fitness classes, etc which is going to be very popular now that the evenings are drawing in. The internet is full of ideas of what you can do to widen your circle of friends. And if you don’t have access to the internet just call into your local library for information on local groups that you can join. The more you get out and become involved in activities with people who are looking for the same thing as you are, the more you increase your chances of meeting someone special. Or you could check out meetup.com : groups of people who want to meet others for friendship and who knows, friendship could lead to romance if you’re lucky! After all, fortune favours the brave!


Matchmaking in Ireland

Or have you considered joining a dating agency? The advantage of using a matchmaker is that it is totally confidential and you get a one to one personalised service. It gives you the opportunity to date people who are looking for a long term committed relationship just like you. By joining you are opening yourself up to the possibility of going on dates with potential partners who are handpicked for you by a matchmaker.

Eithne Buckley set up Twoheartsmeet dating agency in Cork in 2011 and it is now one of the successful dating agencies in Ireland. Eithne says the most successful members are the ones who are open to having a go and seeing what happens.

You can contact Twoheartsmeet by visiting Twoheartsdating.com or call/text 085 7742444.

So what’s stopping you? Get proactive and get yourself a date!

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