Dublin gent finds love!

Earlier this year a Dublin gentleman called Liam (not his real name) heard me being interviewed on Today FM Sunday Business Show and got in touch. He was in his mid 50’s and divorced with many years. He had been dating in Dublin without much luck and thought he would go outside the capital in search for the love of his life!

A Kilkenny Date!

I matched with him Eily (not her real name) from Kilkenny who was a widow and looking for a partner to date in the Dublin or Kildare areas. She was looking for a genuine, respectful man who would help her find joy in her life once again.

Trying again!

Liam and Eily went out three times and seemed to be getting on really well together. Liam was even considering asking her to Sunday lunch to meet his family when out of the blue Eily decided that she wasn’t ready for dating after all and was still grieving for her husband. Liam was devastated and found it hard to come to terms with it as he really felt they had something special together. He decided to put his profile on hold for two months after which time he reactivated it and decided to give dating another shot and hopefully not get his heart broken in the process!

A Waterford Date!

I introduced him to Kate (not her real name) who was from Waterford and was separated with many years. She was very easy going and young at heart.  Kate was looking for someone to date in the Dublin, Wicklow or Wexford areas. They hit it off straight away and even though it’s only been three months they’ve already met each other’s families and have attended Kate’s nephew’s wedding together.

A Happy Ending!

Liam looks back with fondness at his time with Eily and knows now that it wasn’t meant to be as Kate and he are a much better fit. It proves to me that there’s someone for everyone if you approach it with willingness and an open heart.

Another happy couple!


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