Finding love in the modern world!

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Single guy looking for love!

For many unattached people it can be difficult in today’s social scene to find a partner. It seems a lot of people are finding dates on line. So what’s out there if you’re not into online dating? The odd night out with friends? Go to a late night bar? Basically, it is getting harder and harder to meet a potential partner today.

Dating in the city

John (not his real name) is 40, single and from the city. He works Mon to Fri for a large company. He goes out on Saturday nights to one of the popular bars in the city with a few of his friends. As the night progresses, he sees a lot of single girls but they are much younger than him. Most of the other women of his age seem to be with their own partners. He tries to push his friends to go to a late night bar, but they won’t go with him and says there won’t be anyone in their age bracket there anyway! So he ends up going home, alone yet again.

Internet dating v Dating agency

John felt the internet might be an option so he checked out several dating sites but didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of having his photo up on line. Selling himself on line felt false and just the idea of writing out a profile describing himself was an ordeal! Why couldn’t someone just do all the work for him! Then he came across He liked that they profiled all their clients individually and was glad to see that everyone had to bring proof of identity when they come along to do the profiling. And just a phone call, so easy!

Happy ending!

Within a very short space of time he went out on a few dates. When he was introduced to Anne, (not her real name) who was his third date, they hit it off straight away and are now engaged.

Get in touch!

So if you’re in a similar situation to John why not call on 085 7742444 and have a chat with Eithne.

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