Finding the courage!

Follow your heart!


One of the main lessons I’ve learned on my journey through life is that when I find the courage to follow my heart it always works out for the best. For example, five years ago I realised that I wasn’t really cut out for administration duties and worked better when dealing with customers. By finding the courage to leave secure employment and take a risk setting up Twoheartsmeet dating agency I embraced a completely different career path. By going past the fear of becoming self-employed and showing courage to follow my heart I opened myself up to the possibility of doing something I loved while providing a valuable service to so many people.

The ripple effect this decision has had is enormous because now there are several people engaged, married or in long term relationships, people who would not otherwise have met each other if I had not set up Twoheartsmeet. So by having the courage to take a risk I have not only become more fulfilled in my own life, but I have also introduced lots of people to new partners and they are now also happier and more fulfilled in their own lives.

So if there’s something you’re longing to do, whether it’s changing careers, going back to education, looking for a partner or whatever it may be, do your research to make sure you are making an informed decision then look inside you for the courage you need to take flight. Otherwise your life will feel like that of a trapped bird in a cage when it was born to own the skies!

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