Getting the priorities right!

A lady with a list!

A lady in her 40’s joined our agency about six months ago. At the profiling she went to great pains to explain exactly the kind of man she was looking for. She had a very long list of criteria and do’s and don’ts. For example, he had to be at least four inches taller than her as she likes to wear heels, have a full head of hair, no beard or tattoos, a bubbly personality, preferably be third level educated, have done some travelling and maybe lived abroad for a while, perhaps could speak a foreign language, the list went on and on.  She even said it would be a bonus if he looked a bit like Tom Cruise, but taller of course!


A narrow escape!

I told her truthfully that I may not be able to find her a match, due to her long list. Then I asked her if she had ever had a relationship with someone who ticked all those boxes. It turned out that she dated someone when she was in her 20’s, who indeed had a lot of the qualities she was describing, but it turned out he was so confident of having any woman he wanted that he eventually left her for someone else. Then she heard that he went on and left that woman for someone else sometime later! Sounds like she had a narrow escape!


A Perfect Match!

I explained to her that if she were to join Twoheartsmeet I could match her with genuine, honest guys but they may not tick all her other boxes. She went ahead and joined up hoping that her dream man would come her way! A few months ago I matched her with a guy who was in a similar occupation as herself so they had a lot in common and chatted for hours on their first date. Then it turned out that he had got his heart broken also when he was much younger so that was another thing they had in common. They are still dating and from what I hear are getting on really well. The funny thing is, he doesn’t tick her boxes about height as he’s only two inches taller than her, he was never really into travelling, being a home bird at heart, and he certainly doesn’t resemble Tom Cruise!


Getting the priorities right!

Which I suppose goes to show that sometimes it’s better to ditch the list and connect with the person on a deep level. If someone has your back when the chips are down, does it really matter whether he has a full head of hair?!

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