Love is in the air!

Anna saw our ad on a local paper and gave us a call last year. She’s single, 37 and was looking for someone of a similar age. She spent nearly ten years with a guy who eventually met someone else and broke her heart. Anna was bitter that the best years of her life was given to him but now felt ready to let bygones be bygones. It was time to look for someone new to share her life with. She is a lovely down to earth person, easy going and doesn’t get overly stressed about things. Things that ultimately aren’t really that important anyway.


The importance of loving yourself

By going for counselling to help her deal with the fallout of her broken relationship she learned how to love herself, and let go of negativity. She felt ready to embark on the next phase of her life, hopefully with a loving partner. “If it’s meant to be”, as she stated. If it’s not meant to be she was ready to accept that also.


Guy looking for girl

Brian joined Twoheartsmeet earlier this year. He had just turned 46 and has a daughter in her mid 20’s from a college romance. He’s got a wonderful relationship with his daughter but explained to me that he would love to have another child, but this time as part of a close family unit. When his daughter was born she lived with her mother and grandparents, staying overnight at Brian’s house once or twice a week.


Ticking boxes

When I emailed Anna his profile she fell for him straight away. They had lots of similar interests and he looked very handsome in his profile photo! She loved the fact that he had kept in close contact with his daughter and was a hands on dad as much as possible. Plus they both were dog lovers which was the icing on the cake as far as she was concerned. She wasn’t comfortable about the nine year age difference though. Then there was the issue of height. She normally feels attracted to tall guys and Brian was just one inch taller than her.


Give it a go

She decided to sleep on it over a weekend during which time she discussed it with some of her friends. A few advised her to wait and see if someone younger and taller came along. Others said she should meet him for a coffee anyway and see how it goes. When she contacted me she was very confused. She didn’t want to waste his time by meeting him if her heart wasn’t in it. Her gut kept reminding her he had the qualities and value system she was looking for in a partner and that she should give it a go.


Love is in the air

She finally decided to go ahead with meeting him and the rest as they say is history! Brian loved her profile when I emailed it to him. He was so positive and full of the joys of life when they met up that he won her over very quickly. She soon got used to the fact he wasn’t as tall as she would ideally like. As for the age difference, well, he is so young at heart and youthful in his outlook that he came across as someone much younger. He attributed that to being around his daughter and said that she kept him young!


Finding the perfect balance

The reason I’m writing about this couple is because Anna sent me a text saying they moved in together last weekend and she’s very hopeful for their future together. They are both very independent people but they also balance it with spending lots of quality time in each other’s company. They don’t live in each others pockets, have separate friends and work outings. But they love all the wonderful moments they share together and know they have each others back. Sounds like the perfect balance!


Keeping an open mind

The other reason I’m writing is to remind people that it’s important to keep an open mind because you never know! Wouldn’t it have been such a pity if they had never met because of two irrelevant reasons like age gap and height!

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