Making the journey for love!

We got a call from a lady six months ago, we’ll call her Siobhan. She is from the West of Ireland and was looking for a dating agency in Galway when she found us online. At the time, most of our members were from the Munster area and she wasn’t sure if we could match her with someone within an hour’s radius of Galway city. Siobhan is a single lady in her mid 30’s working in the caring profession. She’s very open-minded and didn’t have too many boxes that needed ticking regarding what she was looking for in a partner.

How far to travel?

However, location was fairly important to her as a previous relationship was a rather long distance affair and she didn’t want a repetition of long journeys to and fro while meeting someone and getting to know him. So when I told her that I had a guy from Wexford, we’ll call him Brendan, that I thought she may be compatible with she wasn’t exactly over the moon! He was in his early 40’s and had been looking for a dating agency in Wexford or Waterford when he stumbled across us.  They had a lot of similar interests and life experiences. Both of them had lived in the USA when in their 20’s, they both loved horse riding and they had similar easy going personalities which is what they were also looking for in a partner. She eventually agreed to meet Brendan and couldn’t believe how well they connected!

Finding the chemistry!

The three hours they spent together flew by like minutes and she couldn’t wait to meet him again. Six months on they are getting on really well and love every minute they spend together. Siobhan realises that she is very lucky to meet her special someone on her very first introduction. Brendan on the other hand joined up last year and Siobhan was his sixth match and he was beginning to become disillusioned of ever meeting his soul mate. He’s delighted he hung in there and said to me recently that Siobhan was definitely worth the wait! So there’s someone for everyone, even if they live in the other side of the country. As Brendan and Siobhan will confirm, there is no problem driving any distance when you know the love of your life is going to be waiting at the end of your journey! Start your dating in Ireland

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