No Distance Too Far For Love!


No distance too far for Love!

A lady in Co Limerick, we’ll call her Catherine, was looking for a dating agency in Limerick and a man in Co Waterford, we’ll call him Con, was looking for a dating agency in Waterford. Both had tried on line dating sites: Dating for over 40’s, Mature dating sites, Dating for Professional People, Dating for Separated and Divorced people. They tried them all! When they were searching the internet for a local dating agency, both found our introduction agency, as we cover all the counties in Munster. They both joined up within a few weeks of each other back in September 2013.  They were in the same age bracket, mid 40’s, they were in the same line of work, both were separated with teenagers and they had several common interests such as water activities and mountain climbing.

I saw an instant match when I was going through my profiles, it looked like a match made in heaven! Yet when I contacted Catherine about Con’s profile she said she wouldn’t meet him as the distance between them was too far. She said she thought long and hard about it as she loved his profile and thought he looked cute in his photo. However, she didn’t want to start something which would entail long journeys.

Six months later in mid-March this year, having gone out on a few dates with a few men who were within an hour’s drive of her she contacted me and said to send her profile to Con from Waterford. She had come to the realisation that by restricting herself to an hour’s radius of her town meant she was excluding someone with whom she may be compatible. Con loved her profile, although he wasn’t too keen on the long distance between them either. However, they met up for a coffee and hit it off straight away! Even though it’s only been two months since they met, they both feel confident that they can make it work. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

A dating agency can really work for separated or divorced people. They find that they don’t go out socialising like they did in their 20’s, they have work and family commitments and find it very difficult to meet someone like-minded. When I profile new members I find out what traits they are looking for in a partner and I try my best to find someone with as many of those traits as possible. Sometimes, though, compromises will have to be made. In the above example, they are willing to compromise on distance because they have found the kind of partner each of them is looking for and they are smart enough to know a good thing when they see it!  For me it proves that the more open minded people are, the more successful they are in the world of dating.

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