soul mates
soul mates

I have been matching couples over the last four and a half years and the one thing I see happening again and again is the people who are open to meeting someone up to three or four times before making up their minds about whether there is a possibility of a relationship developing are the ones who invariably are more successful.

A typical example of this is a guy we will call Richard.  He joined Twoheartsmeet last year. He was in his mid 40’s, single and open to meeting someone who was either single or divorced. He was also open to meeting someone who had children. Once he clicked with a lady and felt she was honest, genuine and interested he wasn’t going to restrict himself by having too many boxes to tick.

As Richard wasn’t putting any limitations in his way it made my job as a matchmaker much easier when finding introductions for him. Over the course of the year he met four ladies but unfortunately they didn’t work out and it was back to the drawing board again. When I asked them for feedback they all said the same thing: he’s a lovely guy, very genuine and interesting to chat to but too quiet and reserved for them. Even though he was very confident in his job where he was in a supervisory role, he admitted that he felt unsure of himself in his personal life, especially around the opposite sex, until he got to know her that is. He blamed it on the fact that he didn’t have any sisters or female friends or cousins growing up. In his mind, females may as well have been from a different planet! If only a lady was open to meeting him a few times she would see the fun side to him that his male friends and work colleagues saw every day. But so far we were not having any luck!

When Geraldine joined up a few months ago, she admitted to me that even though she comes across as very confident with high self-esteem, deep down inside she’s shy and avoids social situations as much as possible. That’s why she decided to join Twoheartsmeet, as it would suit her perfectly to be introduced to someone rather than going out socialising which she was avoiding more and more.  She agreed to meet Richard and although they didn’t hit it off straight away, she got to see the fun lighter side of him after their third date and knew that he was the one for her. If she hadn’t been willing to go out with him a few times she would never have got to see the real him. She told me afterwards that she actually likes the fact that he’s a little reserved as her previous boyfriend was a player and it’s like a breath of fresh air to be with someone she can trust who isn’t always eyeing up other women!

It goes to show that there’s someone for everyone and it gives me great pleasure when I can help people like Richard and Geraldine find their other half and add to the happiness they have in their lives.

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