Short in stature, big in personality!

Looking for love

I’ve been profiling and matching members with the last four and a half years and it gives me immense personal satisfaction especially when it works out well and couples find happiness together. The most successful couples have always been open to meeting someone even if they were not 100% satisfied by the person’s profile. They understand that until you meet someone in the flesh you will never know for sure whether you will click together or not. A profile and photo only go so far.

The ideal man!

Everyone has set ideas in their minds about what they’re looking for in a partner but realistically it is impossible to get “all the boxes ticked.”  Sometimes people are willing to compromise on distance but not on the person’s occupation. Others are willing to compromise on someone having vastly different hobbies and interests to them but they won’t budge on height or body shape. Everyone’s preferences are dictated to by their life experience up to the present moment, by their conditioning through family, school, college, friends, social media, TV and by what they perceive society expects. For example, a single woman in her mid 30’s with a professional career is usually looking for a single professional man who is ready to commit to a long term relationship, followed by marriage and a family together if it all works out. Then there are all the other add ons such as a guy with confidence, charisma, intelligence, empathy and financial security. Then there’s the physical aspect such as a tall well-built guy who takes care of himself by excising regularly and having a healthy diet.

Dating agency in Limerick

Earlier this year a man who we will call John (not his real name) was looking for a dating agency in Limerick and came across our website. He came very close to fitting this description in that he was 38, has a successful career in engineering,  his own house, lots of interests, goes to the gym a few times a week and has a very warm and engaging personality. However, he is just 5’5” tall and most of the ladies in his age bracket were either taller than this or were looking for someone taller in a partner.  He also has a receding hair line which makes him look a few years older.

Dating agency in Kerry

While he was waiting for an introduction he was philosophical about it all and believed that if it was meant to be then the right lady for him would materialise eventually. I contacted a few ladies about a possible introduction with him but they all said they would wait for someone taller to come along. Then Siobhán (not her real name) joined up and agreed to meet him. She had been trying internet dating but wasn’t successful and while looking for a dating agency in Kerry she came across us. She was petite in build and wasn’t looking for someone too tall as she felt they would look mis-matched. She had no issue with the fact he had a receding hairline and only saw that he had a lovely smile in his photo and she couldn’t wait to meet him!

Finding love together

Four months on and they are very happy together! The last time I spoke to Siobhán she said he’s extremely thoughtful and considerate, gives her little gifts regularly and even bought and put on new wipers on her car when he noticed they needed replacing! She said she couldn’t believe he hadn’t been snapped up before she came along but is thanking her lucky stars that he wasn’t! So I guess there’s someone for everyone and “the best of goods come in small parcels” is an old saying that comes to mind! So ladies, while you’re waiting for Mr Tall to come along, you could be missing out on some really great guy with a big personality right under your nose!

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