Taking the first step to a new you!

Whether you want to clear out the attic, the back garden or anywhere else that has been left abandoned for a while, or whether you want to start off a new exercise regime, a healthier eating plan to lose some weight, start training for a marathon or become a non-smoker, now is as good a time as any! The first step is always the hardest but once you turn on that switch in your mind and take action the rest is easy!
As humans we develop habits over the years and it can take a while to get over them, to write over the old messages in our minds and replace them with new messages that serve us much better. For example, if you treat yourself every Friday evening to a glass of wine after a long week at work and then you realise a few hours later you have finished the bottle and now feel too lazy to go for the walk with your friend you had been planning on. That’s an example of a message in your mind that tells you “you’ve worked hard all week, you deserve it!” Unfortunately when you wake up the next morning you probably won’t feel too proud of yourself! So maybe you’re thinking of rewriting the message in your subconscious mind? How about if you changed it to, “you’ve worked hard all week and you deserve to get out and go for a brisk walk and look forward to a lovely bubbly bath or shower afterwards”. If you did this each day for a month or two, eventually your subconscious mind will accept the new message as the real you and will forget about the old message and the old you.
Taking the first step to making any change is difficult. Nobody likes change. We like our comfort zone. It’s warm and cosy in there! The problem with the comfort zone is we will never grow to become the best that we can be if we stay in it. We will always stagnate. We will remain two stones over weight and most likely get heavier, our muscles will become floppy rather than toned, we will never run that marathon, this time next year we will still be smoking 20 cigarettes a day, the attic will never get cleared out and the back garden will become seriously overgrown. Time to turn on that switch in your mind?
a single step

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