Thoughts on Valentine’s Day


As a match maker, I have met a lot of people over the last few years during the one-to-one profiling. While we’ve been chatting, they have told me their life stories in relation to relationships they’ve been in as well as the ups and downs they’ve gone through on their quest to find their soul partner.

Some people have tried on line dating websites with little success. Some have been introduced to people through friends. Some have met people the traditional way while out socialising. When they contact us they have given up on the methods they have been using up to now. Dating in Ireland is no fun and more like hard work is the general consensus among most of the people we meet.

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I have matched several couples over the last few years from all over Munster, including the mid lands. Most find us when they search the internet for dating agencies in Munster, others through word of mouth or newspaper ads. Regardless of how they find us, they all have one thing in common and that is they are looking for love and commitment within a long term relationship. Many of the couples I have matched are still together while others are still looking for their elusive other half. I’m beginning to see a trend in that the ones who are more likely to click with the first or second person I match them with are generally more open minded than the ones who find it difficult to click and find chemistry. The longer your list of boxes you need ticked, generally the longer it takes to find the one you’ve been looking for all this time who will tick them for you!

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Obviously it’s important to click with someone and have a meeting of minds but sometimes I wonder if people are making it more difficult for themselves than it could be. If someone has a warm personality, an intelligent mind, a kind heart and is interesting to chat to it’s a great first step. I’ve seen people saying no to prospective introductions that have all the above traits and more besides, yet someone could be looking for an extra box ticked such as a particular height, body shape, educational level, etc and will never know if they’ve missed out on meeting their soul mate.

If you find you’re on your own this Valentine’s Day have a think about all the boxes you want ticked in a partner and perhaps consider unticking some of the boxes thereby increasing your chances of meeting him or her! From my experience as a match maker it definitely works! When all is said and done it’s lovely to have someone in your corner who will be there for you in the good times and the bad times. And if you’re lucky enough to find him or her, does it really matter whether they are a size 10 or a size 14 or one inch taller than you or four inches taller!

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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