Worth the journey for a happy ending!

There was a lady from Tipperary, we’ll call her Ann, who was searching the internet for a dating agency in Ireland and came across Twoheartsmeet. She had tried online dating to no avail and decided to give a dating agency a go. Around the same time there was a man from West Galway, we’ll call him Liam, who was looking for a professional matchmaking service in the Galway area and he gave us a call. It became clear to me very quickly that Ann and Liam had a lot of the criteria the other was looking for in a partner. For example, Ann was a teacher and loved to do some travelling during the summer so she didn’t want to be matched with someone who was overly tied to his work. Liam as it turned out was also teaching and was hoping that a partner was also interested in a bit of travel. They were also members of hill walking clubs in their respective areas and both were very outdoorsy people. On the downside they were just over two hours apart which didn’t sit well with either of them! After a bit of coaxing on my part they agreed to meet up, hit it off straight away and are thrilled that they were open minded to give it a go. They are celebrating their first anniversary around this time and have plans to go travelling for the month of July. Don’t you just love happy endings!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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