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Dating and Matchmaking | We can help!

Are you tired of being on your own? Do you feel ready to become part of a couple? Meeting the right person to develop a romantic relationship with can be fairly challenging these days. At Twoheartsmeet we make it as easy as possible. All you have to do is complete the one to one profiling and the rest is up to Eithne who is successfully matching single and unattached people since 2011. She will choose someone who has the personality, value system, interests, physical build, background etc that you are looking for in a partner. She will then email you a profile and photo of your potential match. Easy!

Dating and Matchmaking Services

  • Are you feeling lonely? Are you tired of being alone?
  • Are you longing to meet a partner / soul mate?
  • Is finding that person in the pub or club scene becoming tiresome?
  • Have you a lot of love to give to the right person and feel ready to meet that special someone now?
  • Are you looking for dating in Cork, dating in Limerick, dating in Galway or anywhere in Ireland? Then we can help!
  • If you are single, separated, divorced or widowed and looking for a matchmaker in Ireland we have clients that would suit you!
  • We are the only dating site in Ireland you will ever need! Get in touch today and start the process of changing your life!
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Our Membership Package

Matchmaking and Dating | Let's start finding you a match!

Dating in Ireland today. If you are living in Ireland and looking for a long term relationship, you have come to the right place where you will receive a personalised service. Eithne takes a personal interest in you and she wants to find you someone you will be happy with because then she knows she has a satisfied customer who will tell their friends about Two Hearts Dating Agency! And this means her database will grow and she will have more choices of potential partners to offer the people already on her books.

Why Choose Us?

We are a leading Matchmaking Agency in Ireland. All our clients are interviewed personally on a one to one basis, so you can be sure the person you meet is genuine! And naturally confidentiality is assured.

Our Matchmaking and Dating Agency has matched single, separated, divorced and widowed people successfully for many years.

From singletons in their 30's to people looking for senior dating and everyone in between, we have genuine clients who are looking for a loving relationship.

So if you are living in the southern part of Ireland our Introduction Service will help you find your Special Someone!

Eithne and Daniel

It’s a win-win situation.

You’re happily matched and Eithne is delighted to have someone to spread the word that she runs a genuine dating agency whose sole purpose is to help you find happiness with a loving partner!


Joining was the best decision I made!

I would like to say a hearty thank you to Eithne for matching me with a really genuine, fun guy. It was a case of third time lucky for me. The first two men I was matched with were lovely but the romantic connection wasn't there. When I met Ted I knew I wasn't going to let him go and he felt the same about me. We just clicked straight away! It's great to have someone to go for walks and meals with especially at weekends when all my friends are with their own partners and families. I'm so thrilled that I made the call to Eithne!

Anne Marie and Ted (mid 50's)

We clicked right from the very beginning

I’m more than happy to give you a testimonial. What can I say? I was at the end of my tether, disillusioned with internet dating and nights out looking for “the one”. Eventually, a friend of mine recommended two hearts meet as he knew of a couple who had met through them. So I thought “why not?” and gave it a go. I was matched with three lovely girls, but it was the fourth one who took my breath away. We clicked right from the very beginning and are getting on really well together. Have even planned a holiday together next summer, that’s how confident we feel about our relationship. Thanks so much to Eithne and two hearts meet. I would highly recommend their services to singletons like myself looking for a relationship with long term commitment.

William (45)

A wonderful job

Many thanks for putting me in touch with a fabulous girl. Eithne matched us three months ago and we are getting on really well. Thanks again. A great service. Took the hassle out of it for me and took into account what I was looking for. Best of luck with your agency, you are doing a wonderful job!

Jack (37)

If you’re as lucky as I am it will be worth the wait.

I have absolutely no reservations in recommending two hearts to anyone who is looking for a partner. Eithne explained to me at the outset that I’d be on a waiting list as the kind of man I was looking for had to tick a lot of boxes. I’d be the first person to say I’m choosy! However, I was willing to wait and after eight months I finally received an email with a profile and photo of a man that had a lot of the qualities I was looking for. We met up, got on extremely well from the outset and are celebrating six months together this week. My advice is to invest in yourself and in your future happiness by joining two hearts. You may have to wait a while for an introduction like I did but if you’re as lucky as I am it will be worth the wait.

Eileen (39)

I have never been happier in my life!

I would like to say a big Thank You to Eithne and to two hearts meet dating agency for sending the most wonderful girl my way! After several introductions I was about to give up hope of ever clicking with anyone but then I was introduced to Anne Marie and we are getting on so well and I have never been happier in my life! Thanks for the brilliant service, so personal yet so professional. I couldn’t have asked for more.

John (36)

Your personal interest is what sets your agency apart!

I’m so glad Eithne encouraged me to meet with Mike as I had a few reservations initially and was going to give it a skip. However, we are getting on really, really well and are sharing lots of interests and good times together. He’s even introduced me to motor bikes and sometimes we head off on a Sunday if the day is fine. I would never in my wildest dreams have believed that I would date someone who was into motor bikes but Eithne reminded me that I described myself as “open minded” on my profile and so I agreed to meet with him as I would hate to think of myself as being closed minded! Thanks again Eithne for the encouragement, your personal interest is what sets your agency apart!

Anne (44)

I got lucky

I was very nervous meeting up with Eithne seven months ago. She was extremely caring and sensitive and made me feel at ease. I was tired of not being able to meet people. Eithne spoke to me at length about my interests and hobbies but particularly what I was looking for in a partner. I got lucky as I was matched with an exciting and incredible man after just a few months. We are together for four months now and are very happy. I would definitely recommend the agency to anyone looking for love.

Caroline ( 49 )

It’s great having someone special in my life once again.

I am delighted to have joined two hearts as I’ve been introduced to some very nice honest guys. I love the fact that they are willing to join an agency and pay a fee as it shows they are genuine about committing to a long term relationship. The last man I was introduced to a few months ago is very kind, thoughtful and sincere and although it’s still early days the signs are good that it’s developing into a solid relationship. We get on really well and share lots of interests. It’s great having someone special in my life once again. Thanks Eithne for sending him my way!
Liz (34)

I am so glad I did not give up

I first joined Eithne nearly four years ago and on my eighth introduction I met Jack, the previous introductions were all nice guys but we just did not click. I was just about to give up when I met Jack and I can honestly say I am so glad I did not give up, Jack and I got on great straight away and nearly two years later we are now moving in together. I was jack’s first introduction. Even though when we first met we were two hours away from each other but it was never a problem because we got on so well and we never made the distance an issue for us.
We both found Eithne to be very professional in what she does and really wanted to get to know us so she could find our match, but as she says herself she can’t provide the chemistry. I would highly recommend Eithne, the decision we made to join has enhanced our lives for the better.
Ann 37 & Jack 39

I love the genuineness of two hearts meet.

I want to say thanks to Eithne for giving me the opportunity to meet some great guys. I’ve been on four introductions so far and even though I’m still waiting to meet my Mr Right I’m delighted that I joined and have the opportunity to meet people. Socialising had become tiresome and expensive. Internet dating isn’t my cup of tea at all. I love the genuineness of two hearts meet. You can tell that there is time and effort put into the matching process. Eithne works with integrity and that is something I really appreciate. I’m more than happy to recommend their services as a dating agency.

(Annette 32)

I was the kind of person he was looking for

Richard and I got married earlier this year after being introduced by Twoheartsmeet two years ago. I love the way Eithne took such a personal interest right from the start. I was extremely lucky in that Richard was my first introduction but then I’m not surprised either as Eithne got to know me well and had a very good idea of the kind of man I was hoping to meet. She had also got to know Richard over the six months he was on her books and knew instinctively that I was the kind of person he was looking for. We weren’t just sent out on a date for the sake of it. Well done, and thanks a million for introducing me to the most wonderful man I could ever hope to meet!

Eilish (38)

I’m so delighted I made the call to Eithne!

I’m delighted to give you a testimonial Eithne. I had tired of the social scene and internet dating didn’t appeal to me. A friend of mine had met someone through two hearts and encouraged me to get in touch. After three introductions I was matched with the nicest lady I could ever hope to meet. We hit it off from the first date and even though it is early days yet, I feel confident that Marie is for keeps. She’s one of the most genuine, loving girls I’ve ever met and I’m so delighted I made the call to Eithne!

Brendan (37)

Congrats to All!

27 weddings and 32 twoheartsmeet babies since we began back in 2011!! Congrats to all!!!

Padraig is exactly the man I was looking for

I would highly recommend Two Hearts Dating agency. Eithne is very genuine and offers a professional service. I personally found Eithne was not just interested in the fee I would pay but was genuinely interested in finding me the correct match. I joined the agency a few years ago and have had 5 introductions. They were nice people but we just didn’t click. About 7 months ago I met Padraig and on our second meeting I felt we were right for each other. We have so much in common. Although we live about 2 hours away from each other it is working out well. Padraig is exactly the man I was looking for. We have been away on a holiday and we are both really happy together I would like to thank Eithne sincerely for matching me up with Padraig. I would strongly recommend the agency. Thank you Eithne for bringing happiness back into our lives. (Helen mid 50's)

As an older client, l'd sincerely recommend EITHNE for her integrity, discretion and honesty.
When I rejoined again this year after previously being a member in 2016, EITHNE introduced me to a man who shows an exceptional level of thoughtfulness, attentiveness and reliability and enhances my life and l'm so grateful for being introduced to him. Thank you EITHNE! 
Bernadette 69

Delighted that I invested in myself

I joined up when my aunt saw an ad for twoheartsmeet on our local paper. I rang more out of curiosity than anything else. I was taken aback by how genuine and sincere Eithne came across on the phone and seriously thought about it for a few weeks. When I told a colleague at work that I was thinking of joining she actually knew of a couple who had married recently who had also met through twoheartsmeet. That helped me to make up my mind for once and for all. I joined up in 2019 and met 4 guys, all lovely and sincere fellas. But it was the 4th guy who stole my heart away and we are still together. It was lovely having him in my life during the pandemic and we really add to each others happiness. Thanks so much for introducing us Eithne. And best wishes to all the other members. Hope you will be as lucky as William and I.

Elaine 39

Delighted with the service from Two Hearts Meet

Thank you so much to Eithne and Two Hearts Meet for introducing Peter and I. Thrilled to provide Testimonial to highlight the exceptional professional, sensitive, and friendly match making service provided. One could not have asked for a more comprehensive approach, Eithne takes a personal “hands on approach,” is genuine, kind and caring. Her attention to detail, in-depth profiling, understanding and genuine interest in people's happiness and well being is clear to see. Eithne worked her “magic” and matched Peter and I, an absolutely wonderful kind and caring gentleman, who has many of the qualities and ideals I seek. The very first time I spoke to Peter on the phone and when we met face to face, I felt at ease. I just knew he was a very special man; Luckily Peter felt the same about me. Also, the information, profile and photo provided by Eithne was very reassuring and helped us to connect very quickly. It’s like we have known each other for a long time. But it is still early days, we have so much in common and eager to spend time together and live life to the full. We laugh a lot and are incredibly comfortable in each other's company, a very positive and encouraging outcome. We are so very grateful to have been given such a precious gift, all thanks to Two Hearts Meet. Hence, we have no hesitation giving the highest of recommendations to Eithne and her brilliant matchmaking service. 

Teresa and Peter (60's)

Meet the Team

Two Hearts was founded in early 2011 by Daniel and Eithne. This was after many of their friends and acquaintances sought relationship and personal advice over the years from them. In fact, many dates were arranged between people they met and became friends with. Two hearts dating agency was the next obvious step.



Eithne has a Diploma in Life Coaching from the Coach Institute of Ireland and has many years experience in Relationship and Life Coaching. She also has a Counselling Certificate from Cork Institute of Technology (Now MTU). She is also a trained certified hypnotherapist under the tutelage of Martin Kiely NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists). As a matchmaker she uses all these skills and experience to help her make compatible matches for her clients.



Daniel has an honours degree in Sociology from University College Cork, he also has a Diploma in Counselling from Cork Institute of Technology, as well as a Diploma in Social care and Community Guidance from University College Cork. Along with Eithne, he tutors people to help build their self confidence around the opposite sex and in relationships.

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We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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