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Why choose a Dating Agency over an Online Dating site?

Why choose a Dating/Matchmaking Agency over Online Dating?                                            There are a few reasons you might opt for a Dating/Matchmaking […]

Dating for over 30s

Dating for over 30s

  Over 30s Dating Over 30s dating has changed a lot recently. Some people believe that it was easier in pre Covid times to meet someone while out socialising. People nowadays seem to keep to themselves rather than mingling with […]

dating for over 40s

Dating for Over 40s

Dating for over 40s   Dating for over 40s can be challenging. Whether you’re single, looking for someone to settle down with, or maybe it’s second time around, everyone agrees that it’s getting more difficult to meet compatible people to […]

Dating over 50s

Dating for over 50s

Dating for over 50s   Dating in your 50s Mature dating can be challenging. Are you looking for a personalised dating service? Do you want to meet someone to share your life with, someone who is willing to commit to […]

dating over 60s

Dating for over 60s

Over 60s Dating   Older Dating Services Dating for over 60s can be a challenge today. You probably find that the dating scene is totally different from what it was like when you started dating back in the days of […]

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Two Hearts Meet Dating Agency and Matchmaker One-Time Fees

Twoheartsmeet Dating and Matchmaking Agency In the pursuit of love and companionship, Twoheartsmeet dating agency offer a guided path to finding a compatible partner. One of the key considerations for many of our past and present members was the one-time […]

Personality and Values over Looks

The Case for Prioritizing Personality and Values in Modern Dating In today’s dating landscape, it’s no secret that physical appearance often takes centre stage. From meticulously curated dating profiles to swiping left or right based on a split-second judgment, the […]

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Summertime Love!

New Beginnings: As spring blossoms into summer, nature’s vibrant display reminds us of new beginnings. From flowers painting the countryside with their glorious hues to birds taking flight from their nests, the season exudes a sense of joy and rejuvenation. […]

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Finding That Special Someone!

Finding your special someone! I have a wonderful job, meeting and chatting with people who want to commit to a long term relationship with a compatible partner, with that special someone to share their life. The profiling, however, isn’t the […]

Valentines Day Comes Around Again!

It’s that time of year again when people in romantic relationships show their love and appreciation for the special person in their life. Here at Twoheartsmeet, it is a very busy time as singletons who have decided to find a […]

matchmaking & Dating Agency

Matchmaking Agency

Matchmaking Agency   Matchmaking in Ireland Our Matchmaking Agency has become very popular in recent times. As people grow weary of online dating sites and want a more personalised service, they want to be matched with other unattached people who […]

finding love second time around dating agency in limerick

Finding love second time around!

Finding Love Again Eithne Buckley set up the dating agency “Two Hearts Meet” ( in Cork back in 2011. She gave up a secure office job and took the leap to become self-employed and has never looked back. The agency […]

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Giving Love a Chance!

Looking for love! When I turned on the twoheartsmeet phone this morning, there was a message from a lady whom I’ll call Anne. She had been searching the internet about a year ago for dating sites in Ireland but more […]

Being Successful at Dating!

How to be successful at dating If you’re single, separated, divorced or widowed and looking for a partner to share your life, you are probably finding it challenging right now. People I speak to tell me of their difficulties trying […]

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Finding the Chemistry!

I’ve been thinking recently about the men and women I match and what makes some couples stay together while others could have lots of introductions and never be able to settle with anyone.   Getting to know you There are […]

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Keeping an open mind!!

When I turned on the twoheartsmeet phone this morning, I was thrilled to read a message from a lady I had matched in 2019. She texted me to say that they are got engaged last weekend and are planning their […]

Dating Tips

Dating in Limerick

Dating in Limerick   Limerick Dating Agency If you are looking for a dating agency in Limerick or a matchmaking agency in Limerick then you’ve come to the right place! We set up Twoheartsmeet in 2011 and have brought together […]

Happy Endings!

I would like to share an email I received recently from a lady I matched just before the beginning of the Covid pandemic. (Names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality). We all love happy endings and this is one […]

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The Secret to Finding Love

The Key to Successful Matchmaking I’ve been in the matchmaking business for several years now, and one pattern I see time and time again is this: people who are very keen to meet someone usually succeed in doing so. Conversely, […]

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Some Handy Dating Tips

What makes us attracted to one person and not the other? Where does the famous chemistry come from that creates a spark between two people? There are some very handy dating tips in this blog which I hope you will […]

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Being a Matchmaker in Ireland

Matchmaking in Ireland today   It’s seven months now since the counties reopened last May and it’s great to be matching again and meeting new Twoheartsmeet members. Being a matchmaker in Ireland I was used to working full time. It […]

Making a first date great!

Dating in Ireland hasn’t stopped because of Covid-19. Single and unattached people who want to be part of a loving couple are not willing to put their love lives on hold. If anything, having more time on their hands during […]

Finding your soulmate

  Single and unattached people often wonder what options are out there re meeting a new partner. Perhaps you have tired of online dating sites and are pondering what else you can do to help realise your dreams of meeting […]

Dating Tips

Two hearts are better than one!

  These are challenging times for a lot of people in so many different ways, so it’s nice to hear some good news from a couple I matched about nine months ago. They had been searching the internet for dating […]

Fun ideas for a first date!

Matchmaking in Ireland We have been matching single and unattached people in Ireland with the last eight years. Most couples meet up for the first date in a bar or hotel foyer. This has its advantages as you can pick […]

Top Tips for Dating Success

If you happen to be single, separated, divorced or widowed in Ireland right now you may be thinking about changing your singe status and becoming part of a couple. Twoheartsmeet has been matching people in Ireland with over eight years […]

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Dating Sites Ireland

Dating Sites Ireland Jerry was searching the internet for dating sites Ireland when he happened across two hearts meet dating agency. He had a read of our website and thought we might be able to help him find his special […]

Love Second Time Around

Love Second Time Around This story shows how you can find love second time around once your heart has been healed and you feel ready to start dating again. I want to tell you a story about Gillian and Jack […]

Dating Agency Ireland

Dating agency Ireland were the words Jennifer (not her real name) typed into her search engine when she came across our website. She had a read through it and thought it sounded exactly like what she was looking for. She […]

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Looking for Love!

Time to find love! Looking for love, the endless quest! Well here’s a story about a couple who were looking for love whom I matched around three years ago and they hit it off on their first meeting and have […]

Senior Dating in Ireland

Senior Dating Ireland I had a call recently from a lady who was making enquiries on behalf of her father who became widowed two years ago. He is a fit and active 75 year old man who would love to […]

Finding Someone to Love!

Finding someone to love who is willing to commit to a long term relationship can be challenging. There are so many boxes that need ticking: Personality traits, location, physical build, occupation, background, education, common interests, the list goes on and […]

Dating in Ireland | Tips for a first date!

Dating in Ireland today can be daunting for some people. You want to make a good impression but sometimes lack of confidence or dating experience can result in feelings of apprehension. Below we give you some useful hints and tips […]

Chemistry VERSUS An Enduring Relationship

So what does chemistry in a relationship actually mean? To some people it’s having the feeling of butterflies in the tummy when they see the person of their dreams, to others it’s an all over warm feeling that brings a […]

Dating in Ireland

Dating in Ireland Everyone agrees that it’s getting more and more difficult to find a partner for dating in Ireland these days. Back in the day when there were dance halls in every town in Ireland finding someone to date […]

The myth about chemistry

Before I set up Twoheartsmeet I would’ve said that it’s very important to feel a strong chemistry or spark with someone if you’re thinking of dating them. Now however, after 6 years of matching couples and receiving feedback on how […]

Looking for Love? By Chris Dunne, Evening Echo

Looking for love? Then one Cork couple may hold the answer, says CHRIS DUNNE    WHEN Eithne and Daniel’s eyes met across a crowded room one night, they were not to know their destiny lay not only together, but in […]

Irish Examiner Article, Feb 2012

Taken from the Farm Supplement of the Irish Examiner in Feb 2012, written by Denis Lehane. Dating Ireland MARRIED men can be prone to exaggeration. Especially with a pint in our hands and reminiscing about the days when we were […]

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