Two hearts are better than one!


These are challenging times for a lot of people in so many different ways, so it’s nice to hear some good news from a couple I matched about nine months ago. They had been searching the internet for dating sites in Ireland when they came upon Twoheartsmeet. We will call them Ann and Rob. I’ve also changed a few other minor details such as their occupations to protect their identity. Below is an email I received from Ann a few days ago which reminds me that we can make wise decisions that have very positive results even in this unsettling time of Corona Virus.


Dear Eithne,

I just want to give you an update on how things are going since we last spoke at the end of last year. You introduced me to Rob back in September and do you remember I was very hesitant about meeting him as he was an hour and a half’s drive from my house and a few years older than I ideally liked. However, I loved everything else about his profile and he looked really cute in his profile photo which also showed his adorable Alsatian Bobby. At your encouragement I agreed to meet him for a coffee and chat and I have never looked back from that day. So I want to thank you for gently twisting my arm and telling me to give it a go!

When the lockdown took place we had to make a decision about what we would do as we were far outside the 5km travel restriction. As Rob works in food production he was going to be working as usual but as I am a hotel receptionist I knew I would be off work for a considerable amount of time. It made sense that I would move in with him even though we were only six months together at that stage. But it was either that or else keep up communication by video call. So we took the leap and hoped it would work out. My younger sister and her partner moved into my house as I wasn’t comfortable leaving it empty for a few months.

It turns out that our arrangement is working out brilliantly! He’s delighted that Bobby has my company all day and I love being able to take Bobby for walks and he’s great fun to be around. Rob and I have dinner together when he comes home and we have the rest of the evening together for chatting, walking or watching telly. I have actually enjoyed the downtime as I was working very unsociable hours. It’s made me consider upskilling and going down a different career path so that Rob and my hours will be more compatible.

Most of all though it has cemented our relationship. The old adage is true, “If you want to know me come and live with me”. We have got to know each other so much better in the last three months and I see parts of his character that I never saw while dating him. We have learned how to “give and take” and make compromises. We have had tiffs and then worked through them so they wouldn’t fester into resentments. He has discovered that its better not to engage me in serious conversation early in the morning as it takes me an hour and two cups of coffee to become human! It would have taken us so much longer to get to this stage if we were still dating. I have discovered that he likes alone time after being at work all day so for about an hour he reads the autobiographies that he loves which helps him to completely relax and switch off. While he’s in his man cave, I spend the time reading my kindle or playing with Bobby or watching telly. He also likes to lift weights and work out as he has a sedentary job. This has inspired me to do some yoga while he does his own stretching exercises. We have been so good for each other these past few months. I feel the power of his emotional support is more important to me than I had believed. In times like these it’s good to have someone who has your back. It’s good for our mental health also to know there’s someone special who cares for us in the bad times as well as the good.

I hope other people in your agency won’t put restrictions such as distance or age limit in their way as they could end up missing out on meeting the loveliest partner they could ever hope to meet. Thanks again for matching us! We’re forever in your debt!


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