Keeping an open mind!!

When I turned on the twoheartsmeet phone this morning, I was thrilled to read a message from a lady I had matched in 2019. She texted me to say that they are got engaged last weekend and are planning their wedding for next August.

Katie and Andrew (not their real names for reasons of confidentiality) both joined up around the same time, just one month apart in 2019. She was searching online for a matchmaking agency in Limerick while he was searching for a dating agency in Cork. Katie joined up at the beginning of May and I had matched her with someone who ticked a lot of her boxes when Andrew joined up at the beginning of June. It didn’t work out with the guy I matched her with and so I emailed her Andrew’s profile as they had a lot in common and both were big into cycling and general outdoor pursuits including sea swimming and mountain climbing.

Katie wasn’t sure at first when she saw his profile as he was only one inch taller than her. As her ideal guy was someone over 6’ as she is 5’7 and likes to wear heels when she’s out, this bothered her and was a major concern as she loved his profile except for this one thing. She admitted he looked cute in his photo and felt they had loads in common. She thought about it for a few days and declined the chance to meet him.

Over the next number of months she was introduced to a few other guys and I had matched Andrew with a few ladies also but neither of them could settle with anyone I matched them with. I encouraged Katie to meet Andrew for a coffee and chat and see how they got on. At this stage, she had realised that she was making too big a deal about height as I had matched her with tall guys but it didn’t guarantee that just because they were over 6’ they would make that all important connection or “chemistry”.

Fast forward three years and she said they kept the relationship going during lockdown by face timing most days. They knew from their third date that they had something very special. Katie got over the height difference when she reminded herself that she would miss out on a relationship with someone very compatible if she held on to it. She let it go, accepted that nobody would tick all her boxes or vice versa and is now full of gratitude for a wonderful man who makes her really happy.

For me it proves once again how important it is for people to keep an open mind and give someone a chance because you really never know for sure until you meet the person face to face and spend some time getting to know each other.

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