Senior Dating in Ireland

Senior Dating Ireland

I had a call recently from a lady who was making enquiries on behalf of her father who became widowed two years ago. He is a fit and active 75 year old man who would love to meet a partner. His daughter had some reservations however and was worried that he would get his heart broken or his bank account cleaned out by a ruthless woman! I put her mind at rest and let her know that I would only match him with someone with integrity who was also looking for companionship and romance. I explained to her that joining a dating agency such as Twoheartsmeet is a safe way for him to be introduced to like minded ladies. I then came across this blog by Home Instead (the website is at the end of this blog) and thought I’d put it up as it makes some interesting points on the whole subject of senior dating.

Mature Dating Ireland

The possibility of your senior parent or loved one reentering the dating world can cause a range of emotional stress. Is it safe? Is it appropriate? How soon is too soon after the loss of a spouse? The answers to these questions vary with each family’s unique situation, but there are some common factors to consider as you and your senior loved one broach this topic.

Here are four thoughts to keep in mind as you talk to your loved one about dating:

  • It might be awkward. (But that’s ok!)
    No matter how close you are to your senior parent, discussing the details of your loved one’s dating life will likely be a little awkward for the both of you. He or she may feel embarrassed or may not want to talk about it at all. That’s okay; do not force the issue unless you suspect an extreme circumstance such as physical, emotional or financial abuse. Simply continue to show interest and concern in a way that invites open conversation. Refer to the Home Instead’s Senior Citizen and Family Carer Guidebook for an insight into conversation strategies for this and other sensitive topics.
  • It’s important to have “the talk.” (Yes, that one.)
    A significant number of seniors are not only dating, they are sexually active, according to studies the number of seniors who are dating and sexually active tops 25 percent for the 75 to 85 age bracket, indicating that safe sex, privacy and STD awareness are real concerns. The lesson here? Senior dating may not be a comfortable topic to discuss, but the risks of ignoring it are far worse.
  • Companionship is healthy!
    As with men and women of any age, relationships are vital to a senior’s overall well being.  Loneliness can have negative physical and emotional consequences that increase as we age. High blood pressure, depression and loss of appetite are just a few ways the physical and emotional stress of loneliness can manifest itself in a senior’s life. Dating and other social activities can help to reverse this dangerous cycle.
  • Your loved one needs your support.
    Whatever your senior loved one’s dating status and desires, try to be as encouraging and supportive as possible. From making new friends at the community centre, to going on a blind date, your support will help your loved one feel confident and supported.

Is online dating a possibility?

In this digital age, online dating can be one fun and effective way to find a kindred spirit. Consider helping your senior parent set up an online dating profile.  It could be a fun way to spend time together and gives you an opportunity to stay in the loop on the dating situation.  Check out these safety tips for online dating for some practical advice on the topic.

Being part of a compatible couple is good for your health!

While a busier social life for a senior parent may introduce new stress for you, these activities and relationships can do wonders for their overall health and emotional well being.

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