Looking for Love!

Time to find love!

Looking for love, the endless quest! Well here’s a story about a couple who were looking for love whom I matched around three years ago and they hit it off on their first meeting and have never looked back. We’ll call them Sean and Laura.

Romance is in the air!

Sean was looking for love and found our ad in the classified section of the local Cork paper The Cork Independent in his search for romance. Laura is from Tipperary and her friend had been matched up by Twoheartsmeet a few months beforehand and this gave her the courage to follow suit. (Her friend got married this summer and Laura was one of the bridesmaids!)The unusual thing about this couple is that it was Laura’s first introduction after she joined Twoheartsmeet but it was Sean’s ninth match.

A genuine guy!

Their story goes to show how our past experiences determine the decisions we make today. All of the ladies I previously matched him with were full of #positivity about Sean but all felt he was a bit on the quiet side when I asked them afterwards for feedback on how the meetings went.

Finding the right one!

However, Laura thought he was the nicest man she had ever met and she made sure to hold on to him! It turned out that she had come out of a very destructive relationship the year prior to joining our agency and told me how, when she was with her previous boyfriend it was like walking on egg shells as she could never tell what kind of mood he would be in or whether he would lose his temper over the smallest thing.

Not going to let him get away!

Then I introduced her to this very genuine, respectful (albeit a little on the quiet side) guy and she couldn’t believe her luck at finding someone who treated her so well, was very even tempered and loved the ground she walked on; her words! She couldn’t understand how all the other ladies had allowed him to get away and felt that she had found herself a pure gem.

Our past determines our present decisions

For me it goes to show how the decisions we make today are hugely influenced by our previous experiences whether in our private or professional lives. For example in the work place, rather than standing up to a boss or co-worker who is a bully some people leave the job and look for the complete opposite to protect themselves from this happening again in the future. This is obviously a smart move and is triggered by self-preservation. Sometimes bullies should be faced and taken on and sometimes better off ignored.

A match made in Heaven!

In this case Laura decided to protect herself from the bully in her life and subsequently met his total opposite in Sean who doesn’t possess any bully boy tactics and is always in her corner. Today she has a very healthy relationship and I feel humbled to have been able to facilitate their meeting. It’s wonderful to see that looking for love had a positive outcome for Sean and Laura.

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