Dating Agency Ireland

Dating agency Ireland were the words Jennifer (not her real name) typed into her search engine when she came across our website. She had a read through it and thought it sounded exactly like what she was looking for. She had come out of a long term relationship a few years before, had given herself enough time to lick her wounds and mend her broken heart and now felt the time was right to search for love once again. She had tried online dating but felt it wasn’t for her as none of the guys she met from it were anything like the way they portrayed themselves online. She had gone out on a few blind dates set up by friends, tried speed dating and even met her mother’s friend’s son who had returned home from Australia. All to no avail.

Mark (not his real name) was also googling dating agency Ireland when our site popped up in front of him. He read through it and thought it was worth giving it a go. Reading the testimonials on our site gave him hope that maybe someday he would see his own testimonial up there! Internet dating hadn’t worked out for him and he was willing to try something new. His last relationship was with a lady he met online who loved nothing better than going out to expensive restaurants and drinking the best wines they had on offer. She also expected him to give her lots of expensive designer gifts even though she never got him anything in return, calling herself an old fashioned gal who liked the guy to do all the paying.  After a few months of this, and a lot lighter in his pocket, he became single again and wondered where on earth he would find a normal down to earth lady.

I had profiled Jennifer a few months before meeting Mark. At the profiling with him while he explained his long journey #lookingforlove I realised that I had just the lady for him. He had a very quirky sense of humour and I remembered Jennifer telling me that she loves people with this type of humour. Also he was an electrician by trade and I knew Jennifer had a huge respect for people who work with their hands. The fact he worked for himself was another plus as she was a self-employed beauty therapist herself and she really admires people who are risk takers and have the initiative to become self-employed.

When I matched them together they were both apprehensive, Jennifer because she felt the distance of two hours was too far for her, and Mark because he was not very tall at 5’6” and Jennifer was 5’7”! She had no problem with a guy being shorter as her dad was shorter than her mother and it never made a difference to them. Once he was a genuine guy that she could trust not to run around behind her back she was happy. And she knew he was completely and utterly trustworthy.

Three years on and they are still very much in love and delighted that they both took the initiative to join up. I got a text from Jennifer a few days ago saying they got engaged at the weekend and are planning a summer wedding next year. So typing the three little words dating agency Ireland had very positive results for both of them!

So if you are tired of the social scene and are looking for a different way to meet a partner why not check out our website and get in touch to find out how we can help you find love! Dating agency Ireland are the magic words that helped Jennifer and Mark to find their way to love!

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