Love Second Time Around

Love Second Time Around

This story shows how you can find love second time around once your heart has been healed and you feel ready to start dating again.

I want to tell you a story about Gillian and Jack (not their real names) who joined Twoheartsmeet two years ago. In fact it was our Valentine’s advertisement in the Southern Star newspaper that led them to our website and subsequent joining of our agency.

What they mainly had in common is they both came out of broken engagements, Gillian ten years previously when she was in her 20’s and Jack four years prior to joining Twoheartsmeet.


Back Dating Again

Gillian hadn’t been dating at all since the break-up of her previous relationship so this was a big deal for her, joining a dating agency and putting herself out there to start dating again.

Jack had dated a little, when friends had set him up on blind dates with their cousins or neighbours. He was still apprehensive about it though, nervous at the thought of committing himself to a potential long term relationship again.

What’s so unusual about this couple is they were both at the stage where the wedding invitations had been sent out when their respective partners got cold feet and called the whole thing off. They had both gone through the difficult task of telling everyone the sad news and returning wedding presents.


Waiting For Your Heart To Heal

Gillian had been living in Dublin at the time and gave up her high powered job and moved to West Cork for some peace and quiet to help her heart to heal.

Jack was teaching up the country and similarly decided to change careers and move south to give himself a new start where there wouldn’t be reminders all around him of his ex-partner and their shared life and friends.

Even though they lived just forty minutes apart in the West Cork area their paths had never crossed until they both joined Twoheartsmeet and I matched them with each other. Their relationship is blossoming and they are planning on moving in together shortly.

Since their first date over a beautiful lunch at the stunning Liss Ard Estate in Skibbereen they have truly been a match made in heaven!


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