Dating Sites Ireland

Dating Sites Ireland

Jerry was searching the internet for dating sites Ireland when he happened across two hearts meet dating agency. He had a read of our website and thought we might be able to help him find his special someone. He had tried several online dating sites all to no avail and decided that maybe it was time to give an agency a go.


The Personal Touch

Deirdre was also googling dating sites Ireland in her search for love. She would never try online dating as she is far too private to put her photo up on the World Wide Web for all and sundry to see. An agency suited Deirdre down to the ground as she appreciates the personal touch.



As it happened they both joined up the same week back four months ago. Serendipity! I profiled Jerry on the Tuesday and Deirdre two days later. I knew after meeting her that Jerry was the kind of man she was looking for: tall, well built, socialable, honest to a fault, someone that you feel you’ve known all your life after just spending five minutes in his company. That was Jerry!


A match made in Heaven!

I also knew that Deirdre was the kind of woman he was looking for: easy going, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, loves a bit of banter and has a wicked sense of humour. Positivity oozing out of every pore. That was Deirdre!


This is the life!

Four months on and they are still mad about each other and enjoy sharing wonderful experiences. Going for drives around Kerry and West Cork is what they do most weekends, sometimes ending up joining in with a trad music session in one of the many interesting pubs and coming home at their leisure the next day.


The right time for love!

Jerry and Deirdre are one of the many successful matches made by two hearts meet and I am delighted to have been able to facilitate their meeting up. They are such a compatible couple it would have been a shame if their paths had never crossed. Jerry’s words! And all because they both searched the internet for dating sites Ireland.


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