Top Tips for Dating Success

If you happen to be single, separated, divorced or widowed in Ireland right now you may be thinking about changing your singe status and becoming part of a couple.

Twoheartsmeet has been matching people in Ireland with over eight years so we know a thing or two about the world of dating and all things to do with romance!

So whether you are a single lady in Cork, a widowed man in Limerick, a separated lady in Tipperary or a divorced man in Dublin, if you are interested in going back to the world of dating, below are five dating tips to help you on your way.

  • The first tip is Stay open to opportunities. This simply means putting yourself out there as much as possible. Join clubs, meet up groups or evening classes and become involved in activities where you know you will meet people of your own age group and mind-set. Perhaps consider going back to study part time where you are bound to meet likeminded people. Or join a dating agency such as two hearts meet. Just do whatever you know will increase your chances of meeting other singletons. We all know that dating is a bit of a lottery, so the more people you meet the greater the chances of finding the one who outshines all the others!
  • Second tip is Live in the present! So many people live in the past, holding on to memories of a lost love and comparing each person they have dated since then to the one who got away. They set the bar very high and make it impossible for anyone to reach it. So lower the bar, be more open to the unique person you are meeting for a date and forget about comparing him or her to the ideal person you once loved but is no longer in your life. Not only are you wasting your precious moments in regret, you are closing yourself off to the potential of a rewarding relationship with somebody new, and the opportunity of new experiences with him or her.
  • Third tip is Learn to become comfortable with silences and gaps in conversations. Most people feel the need to fill any gaps in conversations and so they ramble on about this and that, just so as not to feel the discomfort of a few moments of silence. However, it shows maturity and confidence to feel comfortable in silence. If you find yourself in this situation just take a sip of your drink, smile at your date and use the time to access how you’re feeling about being in their presence.
  • Fourth tip is Stay relaxed! In other words, don’t obsess if he or she hasn’t called or texted in over two days! The more confident and laid back someone is, the more attractive they are to the other person. It simply means you are getting on with the rest of your life while also enjoying getting to know someone new. If he or she is the right one for you they will gradually and naturally become part of your life and it will just feel right on all levels.
  • Fifth tip is Don’t ignore red flags. If the person you are dating makes you uncomfortable in some way, pay attention to it. Listen to your gut feeling. If he or she puts you down, or constantly flirts with other people, drinks too much, is unreliable, or you catch them out constantly telling you white lies or exaggerating the truth, don’t be willing to put up with it and hope they will change. A leopard doesn’t change their spots! You deserve someone worthy of you!

There are some great single and unattached people like you out there so go out and find one!

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