Finding Someone to Love!

Finding someone to love who is willing to commit to a long term relationship can be challenging. There are so many boxes that need ticking: Personality traits, location, physical build, occupation, background, education, common interests, the list goes on and on. Then there’s the magic ingredient which people call chemistry or a spark. It’s that indefinable thing that we recognise when we feel it but find so hard to put into words. When we find the person who ticks all our boxes, it goes without saying that we have to tick their boxes too and if we feel a spark going on it’s vital that they also feel a spark when they are with us. No wonder it’s so hard to find someone with all that chemistry and box ticking going on!

Around this time last year a man joined two hearts dating agency and said to me that he was certain that it would not take more than three introductions for me to find his special someone. His confidence in me was unwavering as I had matched his cousin with a lovely lady six months earlier and they were getting on really well together. He had total faith in me that I would also find him a special lady. As luck would have it, he clicked with the third lady I matched him with and they have just notified me that they will be getting engaged at Christmas!

It looks to me like he attracted his special someone into his life by constantly saying to both himself and to me that I would be successful in finding him someone within three introductions. Even though they don’t tick all each other’s boxes per se, they come from similar backgrounds and both work for multinational companies which definitely helped them to create a bond pretty quickly.

The lady in question was googling various dating sites and more particularly dating agencies in Ireland when she found two hearts introduction agency and gave me a call. She explained that she went through an engagement break up a number of years previously and now felt ready to go back out dating again. She admitted that dating in Ireland today is totally different from when she was dating fifteen years ago after leaving college. She liked the confidentiality of using an agency and the fact that I would only match her with someone I had personally profiled myself.

They were dating for a number of months before I heard the word chemistry or spark from either of them. What’s that all about I wondered? From speaking to them I gathered that even though they bonded early on in the relationship, neither of them felt a huge physical attraction for the other in the early days. It turned out to be something that crept up on them slowly. The lady in question admitted to me that she looked at him one day a few months in to the relationship and thought “he looks cute, how come I’ve never noticed it before!” Sometime later he admitted to me that while they were at a friend’s wedding and she was out dancing with the groom he watched her as with new eyes and saw a very desirable lady that he had not noticed quite so clearly before!

This goes to prove that chemistry doesn’t necessarily need to be there at the outset in order for a relationship to blossom into true love. Once there are some common interests and mutual respect anything is possible. So don’t be misled by the myth that chemistry has to be present from the first meeting cos this couple have proved that it definitely doesn’t!


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