Finding love second time around!

Finding Love Again

Eithne Buckley set up the dating agency “Two Hearts Meet” ( in Cork back in 2011. She gave up a secure office job and took the leap to become self-employed and has never looked back. The agency soon expanded into Munster and Eithne is now meeting clients from all over Ireland. Since 2011 she has matched several couples from late 20’s up to mid 70’s. There have even been some Two Hearts Meet babies born to some of the younger couples!

Looking for a dating agency or matchmaker

Around this time last year Eithne matched a couple who had joined her agency looking for a long term relationship. Nora was 65 and widowed with over 10 years. Sean was 62 and was divorced with 3 years. They both had a grown family and felt that the time was right to share their lives with a loving partner. Nora had searched the internet for a dating agency in Limerick and found Two Hearts website, while Sean was looking for a matchmaker in Tipperary and found the ad in the local paper.


Finding love second time around

When Eithne initially emailed Nora with Sean’s profile, she was very interested in meeting him but wondered if he might prefer to meet someone younger than himself? It turned out that Sean did have a preference for someone a few years younger but when he read the email from Eithne containing Nora’s profile he quickly changed his mind. He read about all her hobbies and interests and saw that both of them loved hill walking, golf and travel. As well as that she enjoyed music and dancing as well as eating out and to top it all she had a pet dog and so did he. It was important to Sean that a partner was an animal lover as his ex-wife didn’t allow him to have a pet dog in the house and the first thing he did after separating was allow the dog to sleep in the utility room at night rather than in the kennel!


Lots in common!

Since Eithne matched them, they have gone abroad twice together, once to Lanzarote and another time to Lourdes. They love going for Sunday drives and have gone on several walks, meals out, to the theatre, cinema and just relaxed in front of the fire watching the Late late show! Nora invited him to her daughter’s wedding last summer and was delighted to have a handsome dance partner to show off! They are blissfully happy and delighted they made the decision to join Two Hearts Dating Agency.


Meeting Someone New

So if you are on your own and feel that the time has come to meet someone compatible to share the ups and downs of life with, why not check out the website or call or text Eithne on 085 7742444 and she will explain how it works and you can decide if this is for you.

What a lovely present to give yourself at the beginning of a new year, the opportunity to meet someone new who will hopefully turn out to be a very special person in your life. Because you are never too old to find love!

(Names have been changed to protect their identity)


Find out more and get in touch through our website or on our contact page or just phone/email us on Email:
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