Being a Matchmaker in Ireland

Matchmaking in Ireland today


It’s seven months now since the counties reopened last May and it’s great to be matching again and meeting new Twoheartsmeet members. Being a matchmaker in Ireland I was used to working full time. It was a massive challenge to be suddenly not working and trying to find a focus to my days. So now I’m relieved to be matching our members with like minded people again.

The best job in the world!

This is actually a wonderful job (or vocation!) as I get to meet some really interesting people and they tell me things they may not have shared with their nearest and dearest. For example, I met a 40 year old guy a few months ago who admitted that the reason he had remained single since his 20’s was because he was still in love with an ex girlfriend. He said that none of his friends or family knew this. They just thought he didn’t want to tie himself down with a long term relationship. He then went for counselling a few years ago and it helped him to move on with his life and relegate that relationship to the past for once and for all. I matched him with a lady shortly after he joined up and they’re still together and are getting on really well.

How people find us

People find Twoheartsmeet when they Google such words as matchmaking in Ireland, dating in Cork, or whatever county they are from. A lot of people come to us that way. Others may see an ad on a local newspaper. Some people hear on the grape vine about a couple I have matched and give me a call to see if this is for them. One guy was at a wedding and heard that the couple getting married met through Twoheartsmeet. He gave me a call the following week. This was back in about 2014 or so. He is now married and they have a few children also.

Getting to know people at a deeper level

Being a matchmaker in Ireland is a really interesting way to make a living that’s for sure! Sometimes I put on my counselling hat and other times my life coaching or hypnotherapy hat when I profile new members. It’s an honour to connect with people at such a deep level and give them tips about dating or whatever I feel they may benefit from. Usually when we meet people out and about we only chat to them at a fairly superficial level but I get to know people at a deeper level and hear about their hopes and dreams which they don’t usually share with other people. To me, that is one of the biggest highlights of my work.

Looking for your special someone!

Even though it’s been a short year for me where the matchmaking is concerned, it was still very busy and fulfilling. Already I’m looking forward to 2022 and getting to know the people who are going to join up and trust me with the job of finding them a compatible partner.

So if you are single, separated, divorced or widowed and looking for your “special someone” give me a call and we will start the process of finding you love! Or if you have a friend who would like to meet someone compatible, give him or her our details. It just could turn out to be the start of something beautiful!

Being a matchmaker in Ireland.

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