Being Successful at Dating!

How to be successful at dating

If you’re single, separated, divorced or widowed and looking for a partner to share your life, you are probably finding it challenging right now. People I speak to tell me of their difficulties trying to find someone compatible on an internet dating site, someone who is actually looking for commitment as opposed to a one night stand. I also hear how hard it can be to meet someone in the dancing scene or out socializing in general.

This is where a matchmaking agency comes in to its own I believe. When someone joins up they know they are assured confidentiality as well as being matched with genuine people who are looking for a long-term, serious relationship. They realise that the people that I will match them with also went through the same personality profiling, where they had to provide proof or id and address as well as other information such as their hobbies and interests, the qualities they are looking for in a partner, etc. It’s reassuring for them to know that only genuine people join up, not someone who will waste their time looking for a casual relationship.

We have clients from the Munster area on our books, as well as other counties such as Galway, the mid lands, Kilkenny and Carlow to name but a few. So whether you type in to the search box dating in Ireland, matchmaking in Ireland, looking for a relationship in Cork, dating in Kerry, match making in Munster, Two Hearts Meet will pop up for you! The initial profiling takes between 60 and 90 minutes and I don’t match anyone unless I have met and profiled them myself. I believe this contributes to the success of twoheartsmeet dating agency as I don’t do profiling over Zoom or any other face-time methods, as I firmly believe that you can’t beat the bond developed when two people meet. This includes me meeting the client as much as the members meeting each other on a date.

The people who are most successful at being matched up with someone compatible are those who don’t have extra long lists of criteria that they are looking for in a partner. It is better to be as open minded as possible and take the opportunities offered to you as you never know where your luck might lie.

I remember emailing a lady a profile of a guy a few months ago and she said no she wouldn’t be interested because he reminded her of her ex husband, saying they could be brothers they looked so alike. A few weeks later I sent his profile to another lady and she actually said the same thing, that he had a very strong resemblance to her ex partner. However, she followed on with “But I won’t hold that against him! Send him my profile and see if he’s interested”. That couple are still together and getting on really well. If she had allowed the fact that he looked a bit like her ex, think of all the fun she would have missed out on!

So it’s good to be open minded, it’s great to have a little humility and it’s really great to be enthusiastic about the whole experience of getting to know someone new!

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