The myth about chemistry

Before I set up Twoheartsmeet I would’ve said that it’s very important to feel a strong chemistry or spark with someone if you’re thinking of dating them. Now however, after 6 years of matching couples and receiving feedback on how they felt on the first and subsequent dates, I’ve changed my mind. I really and truly believe that someone can “grow on you” over time. Someone that you didn’t feel any strong connection with on the initial meeting can become your best friend and soul mate before too long.

I have proof from several couples of this being the case. People who saw something in the other, some value like integrity or some personality trait like kindness, and they instinctively knew that they would be very foolish to let him or her slip away. Then over time a bond developed and they both decided to stay around and develop the relationship and keep it going. When you find someone with a great value system and personality traits that you really admire, you would be foolish to let them go just because your heart didn’t do somersaults on the first meeting.

As one lady told me recently, her partner is wonderful at picking up the baby when she cries but he’s hopeless at booking a table at a nice restaurant to surprise her. But she knows she’s very lucky to have a man who will get out of bed in the middle of the night so she won’t have to. He puts her needs before her own and that is a lot more important to her than having the most romantic guy around!

Man with baby

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