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Dating Cork IrelandDating in Ireland

Everyone agrees that it’s getting more and more difficult to find a partner for dating in Ireland these days. Back in the day when there were dance halls in every town in Ireland finding someone to date was very easy. A guy walked up to a girl and asked her to dance. If she said no he just continued on his way and asked another girl. Eventually someone would say yes to him and eventually one of these girls would turn into his girlfriend and then his wife. Easy peasy!

Soul mate

Nowadays though, it isn’t that simple. If you haven’t met someone in college or in the work place and find you’re heading into your 30’s it can be a little daunting out socialising looking for your soul mate. As each weekend passes by and you find that you are still on your own, what can you do?

Internet Dating

Well, a lot of people put a profile on an internet dating site and some do get lucky. If you’re willing to invest a few hours a week to methodically work your way through on line profiles you could find a gem in there and lots of people do. However, others feel uncomfortable putting up their photo for all and sundry to see or they have been unlucky in finding people whose online profile resemble their offline one. In other words, someone has grossly exaggerated their online profile and the person you meet is nothing like the way they portray themselves on line. However, it’s still worth considering as a possibility.

Social Clubs

Others join social clubs such as hillwalking and other sports related clubs, drama groups, night courses, dance classes, etc. The internet is full of ideas of what you can do to widen your circle of friends. The more you get out and get involved in activities with people who are looking for the same thing as you are, the more you increase your chances of meeting your special someone. Or you could check out for groups of people who want to meet others for friendship and who knows, friendship could lead to romance if you’re lucky! Fortune favours the brave you know!

Irish Dating Agency

Or have you considered joining a dating agency? They are now all over the country but if you’re unsure you can ask for a few phone numbers of successfully matched people so you can get a testimonial before you decide to part with your hard earned cash! The advantage of using a dating agency is that it is totally confidential and you get a one to one personalised service. You are opening yourself up to the possibility of going on dates with potential partners and having access to a data base of people looking for long term committed relationships just like you.


Dating in Cork

We started our dating agency in Cork in 2011 and are now one of the biggest dating agencies in Munster and are expanding nationwide to give our clients a wider choice of people to date.



So what’s stopping you? Get active and get yourself a date! Be open minded and try not to restrict yourself too much in what you’re looking for. If he or she has a good personality and you hit it off from the outset, that’s a great starting point. Try not to let minor things put you off. If you find someone you feel comfortable with and know they are honest and genuine who knows what it could develop into! Happy Dating!

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