Happy Endings!

I would like to share an email I received recently from a lady I matched just before the beginning of the Covid pandemic. (Names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality). We all love happy endings and this is one of those.

When Marie joined Twoheartsmeet she didn’t hold out much hope of finding her special someone to share her life with. She had got her heart broken a few times over the years and was apprehensive of finding someone worthy of her love and loyalty. She got my number from a friend of hers who knew a couple I had matched a few years earlier so she thought she’d give romance one last shot!

It is so heartening to read how it has worked out so well for her and I’m delighted that I was able to facilitate her and Sean meeting!


Hi Eithne

I want to touch base with you and say thank you for matching me with Sean just over two years ago now. Who would have believed back in January 2020 when I met him for a coffee and chat that we would be plunged into a pandemic within a few months.

Things are working out really well with us and I wanted to let you know because I know you will be delighted to hear that we got engaged during the Easter break and will be getting married next year, all going well.

When I met with you to complete the personality profiling, I remember saying that I didn’t want to ever get married and now here I am planning a wedding and me only a few years away from fifty! I told you that my independence is hugely important to me and that I could never imagine living with a guy full time never mind marrying him!

The fact of the matter is, Sean is very easy to get along with and it takes an awful lot to stress him out so I suppose this makes living with him so easy for me. Before meeting him, I thought that being under the same roof as a guy would grate on my nerves as I had lived alone for over twenty years at that stage. I was used to my own space and thought I’d be uneasy sharing it with a man.

The opposite is true! I love waking up to the sound of him pottering around in the kitchen while he chats away to my dog, then sticking his head around the bedroom door asking if I want a cuppa in bed before he heads off to work. He’s so thoughtful and considerate, what my mother would call someone who is “well brought up”! I feel like the luckiest girl alive!

He has shown me numerous times what a wonderful human being he is. When I got a bad dose of Covid he couldn’t have been nicer, taking care of me and making sure I had everything I needed while I was recovering.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life is joining your matchmaking service because through it I have found the love of my life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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