Finding Love during lockdown!


Comedian Des Bishop found the love of his life during the pandemic. It just goes to show that love knows no bounds and when the person who is meant for you comes along, even a pandemic won’t stand in the way!

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Finding Love in a Pandemic!

COMEDIAN Des Bishop has found love during the pandemic after falling for a fellow comedian in the Hamptons.

The 44-year-old star left Ireland on March 18 and flew to the millionaire’s playground in New York to wait out the crisis.

It was there that he met US reality TV star Hannah Berner (28).

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant said that far from finding the crisis tough, life for him has been“quite idyllic” recently.   

“I’ve fallen in love with a woman during the pandemic,” he said.

“Despite the fact that all these memes are saying, ‘I can’t wait for 2020 to be over’, 2020 will be the year that changed my life.

“We clicked immediately and it’s been quite an intense falling in love period since,” he said.



The comedian had already been following his new love interest online, but happenstance brought them together as they had both decided to visit the wealthy seaside community before the lockdown came into effect.

“It’s been a more powerful falling for somebody than I’ve ever experienced in my life,” he said.

He told RTÉ’s Miriam O’Callaghan that she was someone that he followed on Instagram, despite never having met her previously.

When he saw they were waiting out the pandemic in the same area, he suggested they meet up for coffee and they hit it off immediately.


Being open to a new relationship

Bishop has had a tough year following the death of his mother Eileen Bishop (77) in March last year.

Having worked on the comedy circuit relentlessly since 1997, he said the pandemic gave him time to start coming to terms with her death.

“You can hide from yourself through stand-up comedy so I was forced to not hide from myself for an extended period of time and I’m grateful for the experience because actually it was good for just working through some stuff,” he said.

He said that moving out to the US put him in a good place to connect with someone new.

“When you go through the things that I went through in the last year and a half, and you come out the other side of that, I do think that you’re more comfortable in yourself and almost more open to intimacy, more often to being vulnerable and those things I think allow you to get closer to somebody,” he said.

He was speaking as part of the Marie Keating Foundation’s Stand Up For Your Prostate campaign, having battled prostate cancer when he was 24.

“I don’t know if it’s because I play golf with more old guys over here… but I feel like American men talk more openly about getting their bloods checked for prostate.”


Below is the link to this blog: When you click on it there is also a short video where he describes how he got prostate cancer 20 years ago and advises men over 50 to get a blood test for same if they haven’t already done so.

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