Friendship to Romance!

Cork Dating Sites


Christopher was searching the internet for Cork dating sites while at the same time Sarah was googling dating in Ireland when they both found the two hearts meet dating website. Christopher was 45 and was widowed with a few years. It was his first time putting his toe in the water to test it and see if he was ready to go back out dating. He was very nervous but decided to give it a go as his kids were getting older and soon they would be dating themselves and he would end up on his own every weekend.


Empty nest syndrome!

Sarah was a single lady also in her 40’s who was bringing up a daughter on her own. Her daughter was planning on going off to college in a few months and Sarah realised when that happens she will either suffer from empty nest syndrome or else she will go out there and try to find a partner for herself. Sarah joined up because she definitely did not want to become an empty nester! She also joined a hill walking club with the belief that the man she was looking for could be found either in a dating agency or else out and about keeping fit.


Friendship to romance

When I matched Christopher and Sarah they didn’t hit it off immediately but took about three or four meetings to realise they were getting on well together. Both agreed that it wasn’t love at first sight, but they had such interesting conversations and enjoyed each other’s company so much that falling in love was the next obvious thing to happen! And happen it did and now they are both delighted they gave love a chance to blossom. Get in touch today to see how we can help you through our Cork dating sites

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