The Universe is Listening!!

Best Dating Sites

I had a call recently from a man who had been looking for the best dating sites in Ireland and in particular a dating agency in Limerick, he found us with the help of a google search and told me how he was widowed with over two years and wondering if I could help him to find love again.


First love never dies

As I listened to him telling me how close a bond he and his late wife had I could sense him becoming quite emotional and knew that he needed to let another bit of healing time pass before considering allowing another woman to try to lay claim to his heart. I told him this in the most diplomatic way possible, he thanked me and said he would consider going for grief counselling and would get back to me in the future.


Maybe I’ll try a dating agency!!

The following week I had another call from a limerick person, who turned out to be a friend of the man who had rang me the previous week. This man was so touched with the way I had advised his friend to consider counselling to help him come to terms with his grief that he decided to contact me himself as he was also looking for a partner but hadn’t thought of joining a dating agency or googling the best dating sites in Ireland!


Always do the right thing

It looked as if I had turned away a potential client but instead I received another client who is in a better emotional place for dating and I know that the first man will eventually get back to me when the time is right for him.


The Universe is Always Listening!

To me it proves that if you try to help people you meet along the path of life, the universe will send you gifts to say thanks. So always say and do the right thing because the universe is listening!

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