Young Widow Seeks Partner

Finding Love Once Again – Young Widow Seeks Partner

I have the nicest job in the world! I get to meet interesting people on a regular basis and they trust me with stories about past romances and future aspirations of dating and finding love once again. They take me into their confidence and let me know how hard it is to meet someone compatible and how disillusioned they’ve become from it all.

Many people try lots of different ways to meet someone who will hopefully steal their heart away. They join clubs, sign up for night courses, go on blind dates arranged by well-meaning friends or maybe have a stint with online dating but all to no avail.

I feel honoured that they confide in me and even more honoured that they have put their faith in me to find their special someone for them. One such person, whom we will call Marie, became widowed in her mid 30’s, she told me that her husband asked her to promise him before he died that she would try to find a new relationship and not to leave too much time pass before doing so. She believes that he is interceding with the Man Above and will use our dating agency to send a compatible partner her way!

So, if you are someone or you know someone, who is in his late 30’s to mid 40’s who has similar values to Marie such as honesty and loyalty, a good sense of humour, a positive outlook, an easy-going upbeat personality and an active lifestyle, please let him know that we have a lady in her late 30’s who is mother to two primary school-going children and is looking for a long term, loving and mutually supportive relationship. The man who meets Marie will indeed be the lucky guy because she is so genuine and loving, with a warm heart and a generous nature.

So, we are putting it out into the universe and hopefully someone worthy of Marie will answer the call and they will find love and happiness together! ©

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Young Widow seeks partner

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